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Harbour House is a charming cosy suite with lovely views over the water and a private sunning terrace in the rear. Below this suite is an additional cabin ideal for children.

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All our accommodations are located on the rock, dotted along the beach or set within the lush green gardens. The interiors express a playful luxury and a personal generosity in rich materials, fine artworks from private collections and Ligne St Barth amenities; the excellent technology goes without saying. Enchanting ranges of accommodations - all wildly different, one from the other.


  • Location: On the Rock
  • View: Ocean View
  • Occupancy: 2 pax
  • Bedding: King Size Bed
  • Facilities: Terrace & Balcony, Bathtub & Shower
  • Total Size: ~80m² / ~860 sqft


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