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Located on the top of the iconic Rock, The Eden Rock Gallery has a full exhibition program each season - starting mid-October through the end of August each year. A revolving collection is curated by Eden Rock-St Barths’ owner Jane Spencer Matthews who has a background in fine art at Rhodes University in South Africa and the Slade Art School in London. Past collaborations have been with the world-renowned Gagosian Gallery to exhibit “Tables” by Urs Fisher, and notable artists Piotr Urklanski, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Richard Prince and Will Cotton.

"The hotel is so full of art, really good art that catches the eye or sparks a thought and makes you laugh." – Condé Nast Traveller

Richard Orlinski

Current Exhibition at the Eden Rock :A Giant Stiletto by Richard Orlinski

The high-heeled arouses desire. The heel also hides an allusion to "stiletto", a small dagger that produces very deep wounds. Richard Orlinski gives us a powerful image of women through this object. Stiletto is a living sculpture by its power of suggestion. A solitary high-heeled, the Cinderella syndrome…looking for the perfect woman.

Title: Stiletto rouge, 2014
Medium: Sculptures, Résine
Size: 230 x 230 * 100 cm.
Movement: Contemporary
Price: On demand

Calendar of past events

04Apr 2015
The Unknown
4 April - 4 July 2015

“Art is an adventure into an unknown world, which can be explored only by those willing to take the risk.”

Artists are those who take risks, they are seekers, and they are innately comfortable with the unknown. In line with the title of this exhibition, the works in the show play with our subconscious and with our awareness of how we perceive the world around us. The spectator is invited on a visual journey through the various expressions of seven fascinating artists, be it an obsessive quest for aesthetic or the study of a particular technique. The works in this exhibition blur the boundaries between photography and painting, between the physical and the virtual, between man and his surrounding.

28Dec 2014
Harmony Korine
28 December ~ 31 January 2015

"I’ve long been interested in loops, mistakes, trance-y repetition. It’s like writing a novel with pages missing in all the right places"

—Harmony Korine

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26Nov 2014

Eden Rock - St Barths, along with ART SAINT BARTH, promoting the island as an international art destination, invite the prestigious GALERIE PERROTIN to exhibit the work of famed Brooklyn-based artist KAWS.

01Jul 2014

Ever since Saint Laurent developed his iconic Mondrian shift dress in 1965, many of the largest international design houses have collaborated with major visual artists such as Sterling Ruby, Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama, while others frequently lease images from the estates of pop artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat. In 2008, Louis Vuitton celebrated artist Richard Prince’s first solo show at the Serpentine Gallery in the UK with the Jamais bag; a special limited edition version of Prince’s Louis Vuitton spring line. MOCA Chief Curator, Paul Schimmel told reporters that “people have touched base with the play between the commercial arena and high art, but this is a little more confrontational.”

01Mar 2014
DOUGLAS WHITE - SPLENDOR SOLIS – 1st March ~ 30 May 2014

For his solo exhibition at Eden Rock Gallery, Douglas White presents Splendor Solis, a body of work made in, and inspired by the island of St Barth during a month long residency. The name (translating as «The Splendor of the Sun») is derived from a celebrated 16th Century alchemical text which lays out the material and spiritual operations behind the science of alchemy. It is particularly known for its exploration of the point at which nature and mankind meet, and the infinite potential for reconstruction and reformulation held therein- themes which the artist consistently explores.

01Jul 2013

Phantoms of Eden, a brand-new series of paintings, sculptures, drawings and objects by prolific artist and creative genius; Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Painting Lessons

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