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This suite has been decorated with the personal touch of the owners, David & Jane Matthews. There is a private courtyard garden with a tranquil water feature to the back of the suite and a terrace with a view over the bay on the other side. A handy study / working area and a small kitchenette are located within the living room space.

Harbour House has a hand crafted four-poster bed and is conveniently centrally sited at the heart of the Eden Rock.

Harbour House also includes Spencers Cabin, the coolest separate children’s quarters with 2 single beds.


All our accommodations are located on the rock, dotted along the beach or set within the lush green gardens. The interiors express a playful luxury and a personal generosity in rich materials, fine artworks from private collections and Ligne St Barth amenities; the excellent technology goes without saying. Enchanting ranges of accommodations - all wildly different, one from the other.


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