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Eden Rock Gallery welcomes you to experience its new group show: The Unknown.

Artists are those who take risks, they are seekers, and they are innately comfortable with the unknown. In line with the title of this exhibition, the works in the show play with our subconscious and with our awareness of how we perceive the world around us. The spectator is invited on a visual journey through the various expressions of seven fascinating artists, be it an obsessive quest for aesthetic or the study of a particular technique. The works in this exhibition blur the boundaries between photography and painting, between the physical and the virtual, between man and his surrounding. 

Eden Rock - St Barths, iconic historical hotel, always tries to surprise visitors and arouse their curiosity. Art thereby takes an important place in the luxurious home. The works will be exhibited in the Gallery, but outside its walls, even in public places to be discovered by the viewer throughout their stay. 

Exhibition 4 April ~ 4July 2015

Opening Hours 10 Am ~ 7 Pm 


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