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Eden Rock – St Barths' own exclusive boutique – Eden Being – offers an exquisite range of luxury fashion, accessories, swimwear, jewellery, watches and a wonderful array of gifts; perfect items to make your stay special, and a reminder of your amazing time at Eden Rock – St Barths. 


Open all day from 9am to 8pm



Lightness and laughter

Chloé is designed for ladies with a carefree youthful spirit whatever their age, the joyous spirit that is contagious at Eden Rock – St Barths, when you jump off a boat into the blue Caribbean or dance in the sand at a moonlit beach party. The effortless style is informed by an active lifestyle, that the Chloé designer always has in mind, and says something about the girl in a Chloé dress, conveying a breezy attitude. The ready to wear collection curated by Eden Being is something you can nonchalantly throw on, look and feel beautiful. Each design is very much representative of that positivity and lightness you see on the Chloé catwalk. There are short silk dresses with a swishing layered cut, shirts and skirts in milky lace and embroidered tulle. The bags are typical of Chloé’s whimsical nature, with a pineapple perforation, a palm tree print and a small saddle bag with hoof motif.

Pick up some of Chloé’s joyful spirit, for yourself or a friend, at our Eden Being boutique.

Bamford Watch Department


"If you can imagine it, we can create it."

George Bamford - 2003

The name Bamford Watch Department is synonymous with uncompromising style and quality. It is the first company to personalise a range of steel sports watches. Eden Being is proud to offer a selection of unique timepiece and items uniquely designed by Bamford Watch Department.

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