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Eden Rock Spa by LIGNE ST BARTH invites you to moments of pure relaxation and wellbeing. Enjoy treatments and magical massages using artisanal products manufactured exclusively on the island; in the privacy of your room, on your shaded terrace, or on the sandy beach at Eden Rock, lulled by the sound of lapping waves whilst overlooking the turquoise blue sea.

The secrets within our spa treatments lie in the use of perfectly natural ingredients combined with expert techniques and all in order to achieve harmony and the soothing of the senses. A sophisticated union that delivers true island well-being and beauty


Discover a haven of tranquillity and luxury dedicated to your well-being with our Signature Treatments. Taste the fresh exotic fruit mousse before it’s blended with our elixirs to create intensive, nourishing peeling creams and masks. Luxuriate in the fragrance, essence and freshness of a colourful selection of Caribbean fruits with extracts of pineapple, papaya, melon, passion fruit or mango – and this during a relaxing facial treatment.

Continue your wellness experience with our Room Service Spa and enjoy the privacy of your room whilst relaxing with a pampering Eden Rock Spa treatment by LIGNE ST BARTH, with products delivered to your door by our professional therapists on a tray for self-application. 

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Signature Treament

St Barth Eden Flower


This ultra-relaxing massage focuses on the stress accumulation zones to provide blissful release. The warm oil is generously applied for an embracing massage, paying particular attention to the back muscles. Then the gentle, pressing movements on the scalp ease all your tension and restore harmony between body and mind The back, scalp and hair are nourished and enriched with a warm oil which delicate floral notes further enhance relaxation. The exclusive signature scent oil created by LIGNE ST BARTH leaves aprecious smell and helps relaxation.


Eden Rock Spa by Ligne St Barth offers massages in our two spa cabins.

Relax on the sandy beach at Eden Rock - St Barths, lulled by the sound of lapping waves whilst overlooking the turquoise blue sea.


LIGNE ST BARTH has been uniting traditional know-how with scientific progress for more than 30 years. The LIGNE ST BARTH products contain active ingredients extracted from the plants, fruits and flowers of the Caribbean. Their texture and fluidity have a natural affinity with the epidermis.

Internationally oriented, the Ligne St Barth family business epitomises the pure spirit of St Barths, the island where its products are exclusively produced.

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