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Eden Rock Fitness by Ultimate Center

Take advantage of your stay at Eden Rock - St Barths by pampering yourself with relaxing me-time whilst gaining a powerfully perfect body too. Eden Rock Fitness provides a personalised training program with the innovative and efficient technology of Electrostimulation which positively impacts on your body, right from the first session.

Join our daily morning class or opt for a private training session, fine-tuned to your personal needs. Eden Rock Fitness and partner Ultimate Center are at your service to help you gain a physique that might just turn out to be your most valuable holiday souvenir…

Morning Classes

Each morning Eden Rock Fitness by Ultimate Center proposes daily group activities to get your sweat on and start the day off right. The daily group activities are offered Monday through Friday 8-9am with a limited amount of 4 spots available each day. 


The Electrostimulation concept is based on personal fitness training with electro muscle stimulation.

This is the perfect solution and all-round training system: it quickly produces effective, visible results by reducing fat content and weight. Your muscles are gently defined as your physical strength and endurance increase. This highly effective training method is used by professional athletes and sports rehabilitation centres for decades. 

Electrostimulation uses low frequency pulses which dynamically counteract muscles. You are required, under supervision of your coach, to perform dynamic movements to resist the muscle contractions.


The aquabiking workout is an underwater cycling class. Individual bikes are placed in water up to the waist and you pedal against the water resistance – to
win gold of course! 

With aqua biking your body is safely toned and exercised more efficiently than with conventional cycling.

Scientific studies show that exercising in water provides numerous benefits to the physical health of aqua cyclists, with notable improvements to joints, muscles and bone structure.

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